Research Eltham Collegians Junior Blast & Master Blast Programs
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Session start date weekend of 13/14th November 2021
Mixed Blast & All Girls Blast Saturdays 9am-10

 All Abilities Blast Sundays 10am-11

Eltham College Ovals & Research Park

Last Session before Christmas Break -  tbd

New Year Sessions-   tbd

Total cost for season:  $99

Gift bags will be mailed directly to parents.

Please remember your water bottle, hat and sunscreen. 

Parent participation is required every session, so don’t hesitate--join in the activities! 

Check updates on the Club website; join us on Facebook and Team App too.  See frequently asked questions below:

Further Questions:


Junior Blast and Master Blast Frequently Asked Questions - 2021/22

How do I register for the Junior Blast and Master Blast with Research Eltham Collegians CC?

Registration is completed online through the link on the club website, or visit and look up our club name.


What are the different Blast programs RECCC offers?


Mixed (boys & girls) Jr and Master Blast-  Saturdays 8:45/9 start- 10am at Eltham College oval


All Girls Jr and Master Blast- Saturdays 9-10am at Research Park


All Abilities Jr and Master Blast- Sundays 10-11am at Research Park


How old does my child have to be to participate? 


Age 5+ for Junior Blast


For children aged 7-9, the Master Blast Program may be more appropriate, depending on ability.  Both mixed programs run at the same time and place.


The All Abilities Blast program is for children with a disability from ages 5-14.  For questions about this program please email Nancy at 

What ability are both Blast programs aimed at?

The program is for beginners.  The aim is to have fun, make friends, enjoy sport, and learn new games and skills in cricket like catching, throwing, hitting, and running.  These skills will transfer over to many different sports.


What is the cost?

Junior Blast and Master Blast is $99.  Registration is solely online. This covers the gift bag cost, which includes a selection of cricket items, shirt, hats, etc.  All helpers are volunteers.


What do I wear?

Comfortable sports clothes and runners.

Can parents help?

Parents are encouraged to come along and help.  Involvement of parents is a key part of the program’s success.  Please speak to the leaders about how you can help.

How can my child get involved in cricket after the Junior Blast and Master Blast program?

The Club is a member of the Diamond Valley Cricket Association.  We enter Junior teams in the competition, including Under 10’s, U12's,  U14’s, U16’s and U18’s, and an All Girls U13 and U16 competition, Seniors and Vets.   We also have Father-son-daughter teams.  The Blast programs are entry level programs.  From age about 10+, boys and girls can move into team play, where they wear whites and play a real match with some rule modifications, designed to maximise participation, fun and skill development. Beginner teams play on Wednesday evenings 5-7:30pm. Competitive mixed teams play Friday evenings.  All girls team play Wednesday evenings.  The season general begins with pre-season training in September, and matches starting mid-October.


Together with the in person sessions, you may want to access the Free Online Series of Blast sessions.  Visit and sign up for "Anywhere Blast".  It's free and fantastic 20 minute sessions to have fun doing with your child, in addition to our club's in person sessions. 


What's after Junior Blast and Master Blast?

There are several option-   

1. Another year of a Blast program may be appropriate.  

2. Or, one of the Non-competitive teams, such as U10, which train once a week, plays Wednesday evenings, wears match whites, plays against other club teams (with no ladder) and uses modified rules to ensure participation, learning and fun.  

3. Traditional Under 12s, U14's etc. These teams train once or twice a week and play matches Friday evenings.

These options apply to girls too. Please contact the Junior girls coordinator, Ash Deans at if you are interested in girls team options, to discuss what's new for the season and best fits your child's age and ability level.  


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